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10th February 2005

synthetic_remy8:31pm: So its really late, yeah well guess what, shoot Mojo, nag our writer like he's hanging a baby out a window... I've been stalling, well cause Donnie has no script, thus he can't do the line, thus i can't give you the comic, so lynch him and dont' hurt me please, hopefully donnie gets the new script soon....
synthetic_remy8:24pm: pg. 005

12th January 2005

synthetic_remy11:47pm: Being lazy???
Ok ok ok, harp on me its a day late... So I felt like being lazy, but at least it wasn't as rushed as the last... I'm still learning this whole coloring gig, but i'm picking it up, trying new things here and there, sometimes it works and others times it doesn't, but i'm not complaining, well too much... i've change a few things like how i do text, some shading techs. let me know what works and what doesn't if you like something from before, or some of the new things... Well kiddies its late, i have to work in the morning and it is going to Coooooooooold, and i dont' want to do it, Man construction sucks... x_x
synthetic_remy11:45pm: Pg. 004

3rd January 2005

synthetic_remy9:15pm: From our family to yours
Hey kiddies,
       Its been a crazy week, with gabz mokey9237 coming to town, and new years coming and all, i just didnt want to rush anything and give you all a weak comic again, so instead Sythetic Studios
had a kick ass night at a friends house, and we decided to leave you guys with a little new years cheers and laugh, there is alot of inside jokes, but it can still make
us all laugh, hope your new years was fun, and as out of controll as ours.  Peace love, and chode licking to all in this new year...
synthetic_remy9:13pm: Happy new year chode licker

27th December 2004

synthetic_remy8:46pm: we all need time...
Hey kiddies, well i got a page up in less than a week, i appologize for the lack of quality on the color and the effect this week, I had some family issues arise during x-mas, and was not home for 4 days this past week. So i didn't have as much to time to experiment, and clean it all up, and make it as flashy as we like, but hey its all a learning process. So this is where I plug once again, if any of you like the quality of what you see so far, spread the word, with more intrest we will spend more time on this, we do this just as much for you as us....

20th December 2004

synthetic_remy10:35pm: And we R still on time...
Well we are still on schedual, but lets see how that lasts for a bunch of slackers... If we fall behind, death threats seem to work well, or so i am told from the Mechanicle ghost of christmas past from the future, he is wise beyond his years. So i'm distracted by Aqua Teen. More updates to come. unless the zombies make it out of the closet...

13th December 2004

synthetic_remy10:28pm: The Beginning
synthetic_remy10:20pm: And you thought it would never come...
Well kiddies, it may have been talk and rumor for about six months, but it was six months of good procrastination if i do say so myself. Some good storylines have been discussed and the direction of faithless is well on its way. I'm sorry that the first page is not much to look at, but we have to start somewhere right???
Well i hope you enjoy, and i promise its only going to get better from here on....
Live it, Love it, do it right...

7th December 2004


4th December 2004

synthetic_remy12:58am: So it begins...
Hey kiddies, it is coming quickly, and it has been decided, Tuesday Dec. 14, will be the official release of page 1, of "Faithless". Some final details are being worked out, and story boards are being planned. Be prepared, this may be one of the sickest comics to come out of a non-professional scene. Harsh critiques welcome, we want this to be as good as it can be, first the webcomic scene, next the real comic scene, and after that the world... Bow down before greatness, or kick us to the curb, its really up to you. R U Ready???

3rd December 2004

mojuicer8:39pm: The footsteps stopped, the last echo sucked up midair. Silence filled the vacuum.
Testes, testes, one, two... three?

Well lets see how this all works. Welcome, all none of you to the 'Faithless' webcomic LJ community. Unfortunately, our website does not exist yet, so Remy and I will be using this as space to post our pages. 1 & 2 coming uber soon, Remy just needs to finish up the textboxes.

If anyone knows someone thats good at creating webpages, or if you yourself are proficient at said art, send an e-mail with examples of what you/they can do. We would much rather -- it is our main goal right now -- be working off our own website and not leeching LJ. There is a monetary reward for creating our site -- you won't go unthanked, unlinked or unpaid.

The community is open for all to join, don't miss out on our first attempts at webcomic greatness. You'll want to be able to say "I liked them more before they sold out," when we actually do.

So tell all your friends! Come support us and give us a reason to actually update!
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