mojuicer (mojuicer) wrote in synthetic_wire,

The footsteps stopped, the last echo sucked up midair. Silence filled the vacuum.

Testes, testes, one, two... three?

Well lets see how this all works. Welcome, all none of you to the 'Faithless' webcomic LJ community. Unfortunately, our website does not exist yet, so Remy and I will be using this as space to post our pages. 1 & 2 coming uber soon, Remy just needs to finish up the textboxes.

If anyone knows someone thats good at creating webpages, or if you yourself are proficient at said art, send an e-mail with examples of what you/they can do. We would much rather -- it is our main goal right now -- be working off our own website and not leeching LJ. There is a monetary reward for creating our site -- you won't go unthanked, unlinked or unpaid.

The community is open for all to join, don't miss out on our first attempts at webcomic greatness. You'll want to be able to say "I liked them more before they sold out," when we actually do.

So tell all your friends! Come support us and give us a reason to actually update!
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